1. I am Ken Layne: a professional, high-speed typist.

    Here’s the last book I wrote, which is called Dignity.

    * * *

    I have edited and written for many publications, including The Awl, Wonkette, Gawker, Tabloid.net, Sploid, Prognosis, UPI, and the LA Examiner.

    Now and then, I do some free-lance work. Some of this has appeared in the New York Times Magazine, Los Angeles Times, San Francisco Chronicle, Mother Jones, New York magazine, Los Angeles City Beat, Getting It, the Prospect (UK), Detroit Metro Times, Reason, Radar, Toronto Sun, Pittsburgh Post-Gazette, and many others both extant and extinct.

    In years past, I directed an Albanian-language television comedy about the Sufi mystic Nasradin, co-owned a country-western FM station in Macedonia, ran the Slovak bureau of an English-language paper based in Prague, anchored a cable newscast in San Diego, wrote technology columns for the Budapest Business Journal, released four musical albums, managed an apartment building in San Francisco, did a weekly cartoon about alcoholic raccoons for the SDSU Daily Aztec, and traveled across a good chunk of Australia promoting a thriller I had published there just before 9/11. Until recently, I lived in the Mojave Desert alongside Joshua Tree National Park.

    I have dedicated my life to the science and philosophy of alchemy, whatever that is. You can send me email, if necessary.

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