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Thinkin’ to yourself, “He’s a moron”

There’s the “funny misheard lyric”—There’s a bathroom on the right, etc.—and there’s the possibly profound misheard lyric, where your interpretation gives new meaning that the writer didn’t consciously intend. For 23 years or so, I have believed the Replacements’ song “One Wink at a Time” contained this verse in this form:

A mail-order ring wrapped tight
around a Singapore sling that night
think to yourself, “He’s a moron”
use me to lean against

But, according to the canonical Replacements fan site, it’s actually:

A mail order ring wrapped tight
around a Singapore sling at night
thinkin’ to yourself, it needs some more rum
use me to lean against

What’s the more crushingly banal of the two? And who’s worse, the airport dingbat thinking the drink needs more rum and/or that he’s a moron, or the “he” being leaned against?

And is this second verse happening in some kind of decaying shag-carpet steakhouse, or a midwestern airport cocktail lounge, or at that little tiny tiki bar in Silver Lake?

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In days of yore, before there were cat pictures on the Internet ….
(From the Greensburg [Indiana] Daily Review, 1900) (via)


In days of yore, before there were cat pictures on the Internet ….

(From the Greensburg [Indiana] Daily Review, 1900) (via)

The Night Bureau Presents: “Bedtime News For Nightmares”

Medical copter crashes in north Texas, killing patient

The patient died at the scene, the statement said. The helicopter’s pilot was listed in stable but serious condition at United Regional Hospital.

The flight nurse and paramedic were sent to Parkland Hospital in Dallas

Vomiting passenger cleared of Ebola after 2-hour quarantine and CDC investigation at Newark Airport

The passengers aboard United Airlines Flight 998 were ordered to stay in their seats after the jet landed at Newark Airport on Saturday — they were being quarantined after one among them was suspected of being ill with the deadly virus.

More than 250 passengers aboard the flight from Brussels were held on the plane for almost two hours as Centers for Disease Control and Prevention workers wearing hazmat suits removed the passenger — a Liberian national who had vomited on approach — from the plane. His daughter was also removed.

Mass Graves Found Near Mexico Town Where Students Went Missing

The remains were buried on a hillside up a rocky dirt track on the outskirts of Iguala in six suspected graves, which were still fresh, a local official said, speaking on condition of anonymity. Investigators discovered the burned remains, which were put into bags, two officials said, asking to remain anonymous. It was unclear who the remains belonged to, they added.

Former U.S. Ebola patient back in hospital; Dallas patient critical

Dr. Richard Sacra had worked as a medical missionary in Liberia but not directly with Ebola patients. Nevertheless, he contracted the disease. He was treated in isolation at the Nebraska Medical Center in Omaha then released after testing negative for the virus.

Early Saturday, he went to an emergency room in Boston with a cough and fever, said missionary organization Serving in Mission. He was afraid he might have pneumonia.

Bizarre yearbook caption angers parents

A West Virginia high school yearbook photo showing two teens with the caption “Most Likely To Disappear” has parents outraged.

One of those two teens is also special-needs and now his family wants answers and action from the school. The section in the yearbook is called Cameron’s 2014 Hall of Fame.

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"We’re encouraged to lose our possessions. Music? Store it on the iCloud. Books? Store it on the iCloud. Movies, magazines, newspapers, TV—all are safely stored in the ether and not underfoot or stuffed in a closet. It’s a modernist monastery where the religion is Apple itself.

Meanwhile, those who have hung onto possessions are castigated, jeered at, and painted as fools.

The hit A&E TV show Hoarders identifies people with things as socially malignant, grotesque, primitive, dirty, bizarre. In a word: poor.”

, “All Power To the Packrat,Jacobin, 7/25/2014

Why bother with space-devouring, planet-harming plastic objects when so much music can be had at the touch of a trackpad—on Spotify, Pandora, Beats Music, and other streaming services that rain sonic data from the virtual entity known as the Cloud? What is the point of having amassed, say, the complete symphonies of the Estonian composer Eduard Tubin (1905-82) when all eleven of them pop up on Spotify, albeit in random order? (When I searched for ‘Tubin’ on the service, I was offered two movements of his Fourth Symphony, with the others appearing far down a list.) The tide has turned against the collector of recordings, not to mention the collector of books: what was once known as building a library is now considered hoarding. One is expected to banish all clutter and consume culture in a gleaming, empty room.”

—Alex Ross, “The Classical Cloud,” The New Yorker, 9/08/2014

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Has your approach to making music changed over the decades?

I never had an approach. I was always like a bear in a honey tree, just trying to get something without getting stung to death.

Leonard Cohen

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It’s that time of year, almost!

It’s that time of year, almost!