1. Paul Ryan is “Poochie,” right?

    Paul Ryan is “Poochie,” right?

  2. Ken: Ryan’s shoulders sink ever deeper inside that giant David Byrne suit.
    Is it weariness, boredom, petulance?
    Choire: I think he really believes whatever wacky things he’s saying–PTERODACTYLS? LEGITIMATE RAPE?–and he’s sad that Biden laughed at him all night.
    Ken: I swear his head was a line higher in the Declaration or whatever it is, the backdrop.
    Choire: He IS getting lower and lower! Like a hungry zoo animal.
    Ken: Yeah he definitely doesn’t look hurt. It’s more like, “Why do I have to sit by this old man? Ayn Rand said to kill the old people.”

    Yes this was something we did tonight ….

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