1. William S. Burroughs and Joe Strummer, probably 1978?

    William S. Burroughs and Joe Strummer, probably 1978?

  2. We are in control, but I point out that this is precisely the most dangerous moment, since we can expect massive counterattacks from many quarters—CIA, KGB, Mafia, Vatican, Islam, Corporate Capitalism, the English, the Moral Majority. I propose myself as Director of Police and Counterintelligence, which will operate under one central command … no splitting into criminal, espionage, all that cross-purpose and confusion.
    William S. Burroughs, My Education
  3. Thanksgiving traditions must be honored, at all costs. Here is William S. Burroughs reading his "Thanksgiving Prayer," in a short film by Gus Van Sant.

    And here are my holiday recipes, in case you’re on the West Coast and just now trying to figure out what to do for Thanksgiving Dinner in a few hours: My semi-beloved Real Cranberry Business, and a pescetarian menu featuring grilled wild sockeye salmon, fundamentalist macaroni and cheese and homemade mixed-bread dressing. You can actually do all this in three hours, if you’ve got the food already …..

  4. We intend to march on the police everywhere …. The precise programming of thought, feeling and apparent sensory impressions by the technology outlined in bulletin 2332 enables the police states to maintain a democratic facade from behind which they loudly denounce as criminal perverts and drug addicts anyone who opposes the Control Machine. Underground armies operate in the large cities, enturbulating the police with false information through anonymous phone calls and letters … We put out false alarms on the police short wave directing patrol cars to nonexistent crimes and riots which enables us to strike somewhere else… False construction workers tear up streets, rupture water mains, cut power connections …
    William S. Burroughs, from the June 1969 Evergreen Review, quoted in V. Vale’s most recent “weekly column” on the RE/Search blog, July 24, 2011, "We intend to destroy all dogmatic verbal systems."

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